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About Us

Levergent Technologies provides ERP consulting, application development, and application outsourcing services to companies and government entities in the United States and around the world. We help our clients use information technology to improve performance of their business processes.

We offer innovative solutions designed to extract the most value from IT investments by utilizing the full range of functionality from IT systems and extending their life span. We make sure our customers have the right IT systems, configured in the right way for their particular business processes, and used to the fullest extent possible.

Our consultants are functional and technical experts in a wide range of enterprise software and development platforms, and we understand the full range of functionality offered by these systems. We combine our deep knowledge of these systems with methodologies that allow us to quickly understand our clients' business processes and determine how those business processes and IT systems should be configured to work together most efficiently. We deliver solutions that improve process performance, enhance the utilization of enterprise applications, and leverage the most value of our clients' IT investments.