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Remote Asset Management

The LogicApps EMI system is a complete solution for Remote Asset Management that is particularly well-suited for companies in the Distributed Asset industry, including:

  • Telecommunication
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Utilities
  • Infrastructure

LogicApps EMI helps to solve the following industry-specific challenges:

High Asset Performance

Companies with remote infrastructure assets require these assets perform at the optimum
capacity with minimal intervention due to various reasons like Criticality of the infrastructure for business operations, Cost of the infrastructure, Distributed location and accessibility, Cost of maintenance, and Geographical challenges associated with routine maintenance.

LogicApps EMI is able to:

  • Monitor asset performance based on key parameters
  • Update asset status, asset location and notify command center and crew
  • Track both maintenance process and personal information meet compliance and legal needs.

ERP/CMMS and GIS Integration

Remote asset is normally required low maintenance by design and these measurements are generally very critical due to demand on high availability of these assets.

LogicApps EMI provides:

  • Full integration to ERP / CMMS systems to do a proper preventive unpredictable maintenance of these assets
  • Open APIs to GIS solutions like Google maps to locate and track under dispatch
    maintenance crews.

Online Asset Health Monitoring

Condition based maintenance is unquestionably a high impact, high-value asset maintenance strategy. Performing maintenance then assets condition deteriorates predefined threshold level prevents excessive, time-based preventive maintenance as well as reactive, failure to win maintenance.

Using LogicApps EMI Remote Asset Management solution:

  • Performance data for an individual piece of asset or for an entire cell/line can be viewed. Data can be used to measure OEE, and to identify source of downtimes during performance.
  • A service technician can be dispatched with parts on hand at most opposition time, and with ample information to correct the problem.

Quality and Compliance Documentations

LogicApps EMI provides:

  • Fully integrated reporting engine helps to develop most compliance reporting's documentations.
  • Country specific reporting compliance can be automatically generated based on critical maintenance data, competency of the maintenance crew and criticality of the maintenance event.

Automated Decision Support

LogicApps EMI solution's Remote Asset Management module:

  • Allows Users to pro-actively view and analyze key performance indicators, so that
    corrective actions can be rapidly implemented against inefficiencies in process.
  • Captures series of performance metrics around asset optimization, workforce efficiency, maintenance event optimisation and its impact on asset performance.
  • Helps to Reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies of assets and push an organisation from worse to operational excellence.




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LogicApps EMI collects and aggregates a wealth of information from multiple sources on your plant floor, and it contextualizes that information for you in real time, giving you a clear picture of your plant floor operations.

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