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Automotive manufacturers and auto parts suppliers face competitive pressures to become more efficient while improving quality and reducing costs.  LogicApps EMI helps automotive companies address the following challenges:

Improving Efficiency

Automotive manufacturers may experience reduced efficiency due to equipment downtime (availability), missed cycles (throughput), or rejections (quality).  Improving these efficiency elements would increase capacity and reduce manufacturing costs.

LogicApps EMI provides:

  • Tracking of all OEE elements – availability, throughput, and quality – for individual machines and entire cell/lines.
  • Alerts sent to display, mobile devices if OEE falls below threshold values.

Multiple Product Models

Automotive companies need to be able to handle multiple product models on the same assembly line.  Operators need to be able to access and follow the right work instructions, and to be able to handle tool changes with increasing efficiency.

LogicApps EMI provides:

  • Tracking of changeover time
  • Work instructions management
  • Display of work instructions on factory displays


Government regulations require automobile manufacturers to be able to issue product recalls when parts are found to be defective.  Manufacturers need to be able to track defective parts back to their source, and to identify all vehicles that contain the defective parts.

LogicApps EMI helps automobile manufacturer to meet traceability requirements by:

  • Tracking all parts used in finished vehicles
  • Tracking auto parts by serial number
  • Tracking auto parts by lot number
  • Tracking auto parts by process
  • Searching and eporting by finished vehicles or by part

Reducing Downtime

Vehicle assembly lines will often stop multiple times during a shift for short periods of time.  These stoppages often occur for just a few minutes and go unrecorded.  Stoppages may also occur for various reasons – e.g., operator error, lack of materials, faulty equipment, etc. – and these reasons also go unrecorded.

LogicApps EMI provides:

  • Tracking of running time for individual machines or cell/line.
  • Capturing of reason codes for stoppages.
  • Root cause analysis
  • Preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling.

Increased Visibility

Planners and executives often get information about production runs after the fact due to manual collection and reporting of data.  Lack of real-time visibility to plant operations prevents them from taking quick action in response to events.

  • Automated collection of data in real time during production runs.
  • Information dashboards give real-time management intelligence to planners and managers, with drill down capability for individuals cells/lines, machines, operations, or operators.
  • Mobile alerts give supervisors real-time notice of production problems.




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LogicApps EMI collects and aggregates a wealth of information from multiple sources on your plant floor, and it contextualizes that information for you in real time, giving you a clear picture of your plant floor operations.

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