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OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is a key metric for monitoring and improving the effectiveness of manufacturing processes, and it is often used in TPM and Lean Manufacturing programs.

OEE calculations are based on three factors – Availability, Performance, and Quality.  Availability measures whether production processes were operating for the planned production time.  Any downtime loss would affect the availability factor.  Performance measures whether production processes were running at maximum speed.  Any slow-down that causes the actual run rate to be less than the ideal run rate would affect the performance factor.  Quality measures whether the production processes are generating good quality products that are free from rejection.  Any time pieces have to be rejected or reworked affects the quality factor.

LogicApps EMI can measure these OEE factors in real time, allowing you to see how your production processes are being affected by downtimes, speed losses, and rejections for quality.  Having this information during production allows you to spot problems and take corrective actions immediately.  OEE calculations can be transmitted to factory display screens on the plant floor.  This brings all workers into the effort to improve effectiveness because they know that OEE is being measured and that improving it is a company priority.


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LogicApps EMI collects and aggregates a wealth of information from multiple sources on your plant floor, and it contextualizes that information for you in real time, giving you a clear picture of your plant floor operations.

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