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Increasing Production

LogicApps EMI offers the following solutions for increasing production in your manufacturing operations:

Improving Productivity

LogicApps EMI help you improve productivity by measuring performance, identifying sources of productivity loss, and analyzing their root causes so that proper corrective action can be taken.  LogicApps EMI helps you communicate performance targets on the plant floor so that all workers are engaged to meet the targets.  Read more

Visual Factory

Any data aggregated in our LogicApps EMI management software can be pushed to visual display screens on the factory floor so that workers have relevant information during production.  Visual displays can be used to communicate real-time production metrics, alerts for missed targets, or work instructions at individual stations.  Read more


Use LogicApps EMI to track Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a key metric for monitoring and improving the effectiveness of your manufacturing processes.  LogicApps EMI measures the OEE factors (Availability, Performance, and Quality) in real time, allowing you to see how your production processes are affected by downtime, speed losses, and rejections for quality. 
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Work Instructions Management

LogicApps EMI can be used to display work instructions on visual displays at any line, cell, or station, ensuring that the operator performs the operation according to the process plan.  This is especially helpful when the same station is used for multiple products with varying process requirements.

Paperless Shop Floor

LogicApps EMI has numerous features that can be used to reduce the amount of paper documents required on the plant floor.  LogicApps EMI tracks work instructions and drawings, which can be accessed on display screens on the plant floor.  Production reports can be eliminated because LogicApps EMI collects production data in real time and automatically updates the work order in your ERP system at the end of the shift.

Exception Management

LogicApps EMI does more than collect data from your plant floor.  Our management software contextualizes and analyzes that data so that you get useful, real-time intelligence.  Any parameter can be monitored so that an alert is triggered when the parameter falls outside of a pre-defined range.  Notifications can be sent by e-mail or SMS, or to a visual display screen on the factory floor



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LogicApps EMI collects and aggregates a wealth of information from multiple sources on your plant floor, and it contextualizes that information for you in real time, giving you a clear picture of your plant floor operations.

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