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Improving Productivity

Our LogicApps EMI solution can help improve productivity in your manufacturing operations because we help you measure performance, analyze problems, and set goals for improvement.

Measure Performance

In order to increase productivity, you have to know your current level of performance.  LogicApps EMI captures and tracks performance metrics in real time over different time periods – daily, per shift, per hour, or another time interval. 

Set Real-Time Goals

One way to improve performance is to ensure that production goals are clearly communicated to workers on the plant floor.  LogicApps EMI can be used to display production goals and actual vs. goal counts on factory displays on the plant floor.  People tend to respond to information that tells them where they are with respect to production goals.

Monitor Small Downtimes

Major downtimes that shut down the operation of a cell or line for an extended period are easy to detect.  However, within any shift, there are often numerous events where production is slowed or down for small periods of time – perhaps one or two minutes.  These downtimes may happen so quickly and frequently that they are difficult to track.  LogicApps EMI can help you track and monitor these small downtimes.  Having this information will help you identify the root causes for these small outages, which can then be addressed and eliminated so that your overall product improves.

Reduce set-up and change-over times

Another way to improve productivity is to reduce the time required to set up equipment for an operation or to change over equipment for a new operation.  Setting goals for set-up and change-over time, and measuring how long it takes to complete each set-up or change-over, will help identify ways that the times can be reduce and productivity improved.


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LogicApps EMI collects and aggregates a wealth of information from multiple sources on your plant floor, and it contextualizes that information for you in real time, giving you a clear picture of your plant floor operations.

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