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What is Process Performance Consulting?

Traditional IT consulting focuses on staffing solutions. An enterprise needs resources with particular technical skills, and the IT consulting company supplies individuals with the right skill sets on a contract basis. The consulting company supplies only the resources; the customer manages the entire project and directs the resources.

Project-oriented consulting focuses on implementation of IT systems. An enterprise wants to install and configure ERP modules or wants to develop a custom application, and the IT consulting company provides the resources and manages the project to its completion. Oftentimes, the consultants succeed only in implementing the basic functionality needed, leaving advanced functionality of the application uninstalled or undeveloped.

Levergent can provide these kinds of solutions, but our core focus is on process performance consulting. We figure out how to enhance your current IT systems to improve the performance of your business processes, extract more value from your IT investments, and extend the life span of your IT systems.

We do not simply implement ERP systems for our clients; we perform utilization audits to make sure that they are using all of the available functionality that relates to their business processes. We do not simply develop applications for our clients; we think through how that application will be used in the organization's business processes, and we address how the application will be distributed throughout the enterprise, how it will be supported, and how to manage bug fixes and version updates.

As process performance consultants, we offer innovative solutions that:

  • Have a transformative impact on our clients' business processes at the enterprise level.
  • Maximize utilization of the core functionality of IT systems
  • Reduce dependence on customizations
  • Seamlessly integrate enterprise software with business processes
  • Extend the life cycle of IT systems
  • Leverage our clients' IT investments to get the most return